Instructions for the SGBA dinghies booking site

You can enlarge the images below by clicking on them. Then move the enlarged image around the screen, and even partly off it, to keep the instructions in view.

At the bottom of the dinghies page you will see the screen opposite.

To log in, enter your email address and the password.

This will take you to the screen below.

When you first log on to the booking system you should change the default password to something only known to you.

To do this, click on "Your Settings" at the top of the booking page. This opens the next screen.

Change your password and click on "Save changes"

You will be returned to the booking page.

This screen opens by default on the current month but you can select other views using the tabs across the top.

You will see that some bookings have already been made. you can click on these to get more details but unless they are your bookings you cannot alter them.

To make a booking left click on the day you want.

This will take you to the next screen.

In the pop-up box you can select the boat you want and the duration of the booking.

The boats are available from 06:00 to 20:00.

Once you have selected the time period, click on "Create Reservation".