The SGBA dinghies

The SGBA owns a fleet of sailing dinghies, 7 Toppers, 6 Laser Bugs, 6 Laser Picos, 2 lasers and a Wanderer. They are clearly marked with a sticker saying "Owned by the SGBA", all are stored in the quarry near the Boat House at Mill Point. They are available for use by members and their accompanied children.

If you have have paid the £40 annual boat user charge you may use the club dinghies for free whenever you want. Remember you must always wear a bouyancy aid, you are responsible for anyone in the dinghy and you must report any damage or missing equipment to the Quartermaster (Sail). Please read the guidelines on using the club boats before using any club boat.

Association Sailing

Throughout the spring, summer and early autumn we have an extensive sailing programme - follow the link to the Summer Programme for details. 

Sailing your own boat

Many SGBA members have their own boats and the SGBA has facilities to support members using their own boats, and events to bring members together on the water. 

Junior Sailing Week 2013


The club was very generously donated a Drascombe Lugger called Scillabub. Various members including Steve Goodchild, Stanley Brown and Roger Stobbart have worked very hard restoring her to make her ready for use by club members!.


Scillabub can be booked using the form below:

Conditions for using dinghies

All members who have paid the £40 annual boat user charge may use the club dinghies for free subject to the following conditions:

  1. Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times whilst using SGBA craft.
  2. Adult members of the club (those over 16 years) may use the sailing dinghies without being accompanied by a safety boat.
  3. Members under 16 may use club dinghies outside of club events provided that parents or guardians (two adults) are in attendance in an SGBA safety boat or one with similar performance and equipment. The club cannot advise for all conditions, so members supervising juniors are expected to follow the advice of a qualified instructor and RYA guidelines. Note that the minimum qualification for a safety helm at an SGBA club event is Powerboat Level 2. If a parent/guardian considers the junior to be sufficiently experienced and conditions permit safe sailing, he/she may supervise the child from another dinghy.
  4. The sailing area for the dinghies is from Duncannon and/or Tuckenhay to the Anchor Stone.
  5. Any breakages or missing or defective gear on the sailing dinghies or canoes should be reported to the Bosun. 
  6. If you use a club dinghy please ensure that when you return it you securely attach to either the standing chain or the rail (Pico’s) using either the supplied lock or the boat's painter. This will ensure that the boats will not be damaged or lost during high spring tides. Thank you.

Complete list of SGBA boats

A complete list of the SGBA's boats can be found here.


After your booking you will receive an email asking you to complete a simple form about the condition of the boat when you left it.

Please fill in this form as it provides the Quartermaster with essential information that enables him to make sure that the boat is ready for the next user.

If you have lost the email, the form can be found here.

Enjoy your time on the water.