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Home / Miscellaneous / Frequently asked questions / How COVID-19 affects SGBA events and operations?
Home / Miscellaneous / Frequently asked questions / How COVID-19 affects SGBA events and operations?

How COVID-19 affects SGBA events and operations?

Last update 24th July

Selected Club Boats Now Available For Use

Club house first floor remains closed to members

We are trying to minimise the risk of transmitting COVID-19 through the use of shared SGBA facilities. Please follow the procedure detailed below and bear with us as we adapt to evolving government advice:

  1. No member should come to Mill Point or use a Club boat if they, or a member of their household is suffering from symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have been informed that a close contact has tested positive for COVID-19.
  2. Observe social distancing rules at all times.
  3. Members may use their own boats berthed on the foreshore and should also follow latest Dart Harbour Guidance.
  4. A limited number of club boats are available for members who have paid their £40 annual boat use fee and all must be booked in advance. See book boats.
  5. Sailing dinghies are available during monitored sailing sessions and must be booked in advance. A limited selection of dinghies can be booked outside of monitored sessions.
  6. 6 single kayaks, 2 double kayaks and 4 SUPs are available for booking at all times other than during monitored sailing sessions.
  7. All boats must be thoroughly cleaned before and after use.
  8. Before going afloat members should take careful note of current and forecast weather conditions and tides. They should not go afloat in conditions or when forecast indicates that may test their strength and abilities. SGBA policy is to be conservative in these assessments and considerate towards others, particularly the emergency services, RNLI, DHNA staff and other river users. Consider limiting the distance you go from the club, sailing boats consider reefing earlier than normal and do not take risks that may prevent your safe return.
  9. Anyone developing COVID19 symptoms within 5 days of using a club boat or other facilities at Mill Point must inform the Commodore or Vice Commodore so that special cleaning measures can be undertaken.

More detailed guidance is available on the booking pages. Please review the specific guidance for dinghies and kayaks and SUPS.

Chris Moore
SGBA Vice-Commodore
4th June 2020

Questions and Answers

Q: Training courses: What will happen to the Junior sailing/PB2/Adult beginners courses?
A: Unfortunately we have had to cancel all PB2 and Junior sailing courses. As the situation changes we will review whether it is possible to run some of these courses later in the year. For all those that are booked on the Adult beginners course we hope that the situation may have improved by then to allow us to run that course.

Q: How about Sunday Sailing and boating events?
A: As a replacement we are running monitored sailing sessions which are shown on the the calendar

Last updated 13:32 on 12 August 2020

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