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Home / Boats / StandUp Paddle Boards (SUP's)

StandUp Paddle Boards (SUP's)

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    Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP's)

    SGBA has five 'standard' and two 'Multirider 6-person' Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP's). They are located on racks in the quarry behind the clubhouse (through the double doors) and are available at any time to all members who have paid their annual boat use fee (£40).

    Paddles are in the clubhouse basement and pumps to inflate the SUP's (if necessary) are located next to the SUP's.

    Remember you must always wear a bouyancy aid or lifejacket when using an SGBA SUP.

    Children can use the SUP's provided they are accompanied on the water by a responsible adult (using either another SUP, kayak, SGBA motorboat or other suitable craft).

    The SUP's must not be dragged along the foreshore and care should be taken when grounding and launching not to damage them. Any damage or loss must be reported to the Quartermaster (paddles).

    Please remember that you must book SUP's in advance of use via "Book Club Boats" and only use the specific SUP(s) you have booked.

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