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Duty Roster

Click to view the duty roster for a list of volunteer slots that need filling. These include Officer of the Day (OOD), Safety Boat Helm and Safety Boat Crew for various club events.

Other Help Needed

There are often smaller maintenance jobs that do not get added to the duty roster and any help with these would be gratefully received.

The current list:

1) Dibber the Yawl needs deck beams fitting under the foredeck to allow it to be stood on. At the moment there are stickers saying "No step". I envisage 2 x plywood beams epoxied to the underneath and to the hull at gunwale height. Any other suggestions welcome. All material provided or you can buy your own and submit receipts.

This could be done at any time this year (boat will be out of the water for this) or March next year just before relaunching in April

2) Whitehall rowing boat needs the gel coat on the bow repaired and a keel band fitting to protect the repaired area. All materials provided or you buy and keep receipts for reimbursement.

3) We have a really nice red & white hulled Laser, but it needs a gunwale repair to make servicable, nice contained job. Same terms as above,

4) Scillabub (the Drascombe Lugger) needs the Yard re-varnishing. It will need to be stripped and recoated. All materials and tools provided or use your own and submit receipts. This is something for the autumn.

5) Scillabub needs the external woodwork re-coating. Usual terms about the materials. Can be done over the winter, or March '23

6) Scillabub's tiller will need revarnishing in the winter.

Last updated 20:14 on 27 June 2022

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