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Rowing Boats & Tenders

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    Rowing Boats & Tenders

    SGBA has two rowing skiffs. They are available for use by members who have paid their annual £40 boat usage fee.

    Red Admiral, a Chester Yawl designed for two rowers is our newest addition to the fleet. She was built by Steve Goodchild and his band of enthusiastic helpers over winter 2019/20. For more details about the build see Red Admiral - a special addition to the SGBA fleet.

    The Whitehall Skiff (pictured above left) is designed for a single rower.

    Tenders: To access other club boats on mooring buoys, please use a Bug dinghy from the dinghy park.

    Remember you must always wear a bouyancy aid or lifejacket when using an SGBA club boat.

    Please remember to book your boat via the website before use (You do not need to book a Bug for tender use).

  • Rowing boat list

    Type Built Location Description Maker Hull No
    Whitehall Skiff Dinghy Park White Whitehall
    Chester Yawl 2020 Quarry Red Admiral Fyne Boats

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