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Home / News / Members Vehicle Access to the Foreshore: 24/10 - 30/10

Members Vehicle Access to the Foreshore: 24/10 - 30/10

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Published 20:45 on 4 Oct 2021

SGBA Members' Vehicle Access to the Foreshore: Sunday 24th October - Saturday 30th October inclusive

As you will be aware, members have no vehicle access to the Stoke Gabriel foreshore except for a one week period at the beginning of the annual sailing season and one at the end of the season to move their boats or equipment, as set out in our new planning consent.

However, we have notified Stoke Gabriel Parish Council (SGPC) of a one week period in which members will be allowed to access the foreshore using a vehicle, to retrieve boats and associated equipment.

This use is ONLY according to special permission, so you will need to email to organise your access during that week. Members with boats and equipment stored at Mill Point will be contacted by email with full information for this purpose.

It is still preferable to float your boat to the Quay slipway instead of driving along the foreshore. Those driving are required to drive with caution, for the consideration of others' safety, and must stick to a 5mph limit maximum. Vehicles should not be on the foreshore for more than 30 minutes.

Vehicular access restrictions also apply to contractors or commercial suppliers who may be engaged by members to service, repair, deliver, or retrieve boats/boating equipment. Vehicles that have been in another body of water in the last 24 hours (48 in wet weather) should not access the foreshore.

Foreshore access is naturally tide dependent. Tide times for the period are as follows:

  • Sunday: HW 0858 / LW 1505
  • Monday: HW 0922 / LW 1523
  • Tuesday: HW 0951 / LW 1546
  • Wednesday: HW 1025 / LW 1614
  • Thursday: HW 1105 / LW 1655
  • Friday: HW 1158 / LW 1827
  • Saturday: HW 1315 / 0720 & 2013

In summary:

  • Please email if you intend to use a vehicle on the foreshore to retrieve a boat/kayak/canoe or other equipment in the permitted week.
  • You may only access the foreshore for 30 minutes maximum and must check that your vehicle is not leaking any fluids beforehand.
  • Your vehicle must not access the foreshore if it has been in contact with another body of water in the last 24 hours (48 hours if wet weather).
  • Do consider other ways of retrieval, for example using HW to float your boat to the slipway, or carrying lighter craft or equipment.
  • You must follow the Code of Practice (below) if using a vehicle.

Should you have any questions, please do get in contact.

Extracts From The South Hams Planning Consent

(Application Ref: 2192/20/VAR)

4. Vehicular access with trailers as may be necessary to move boats, trailers and/or launching trolleys owned by SGBA members, PROVIDED THAT this access shall only be permitted during a continuous period of 7 days at the beginning of the boating season (March) and a continuous period of 7 days at the end of each boating season (October) such periods to be displayed on SGBA website and the notified in writing to the Parish Council. The said 7-day periods shall be notified by:

(a) 28 February (each year) in respect of the beginning of the boating season.

(b) 31 August (each year) in respect of the end of the boating season. Reason: To safeguard the amenity, character and biodiversity of the surrounding area.

The Code of Practice relating to SGBA members' vehicle movements referred to above, is as follows:

2 Measures applicable to club members

Club members may only drive motorised vehicles onto the foreshore where they have been specifically authorised to do so by the Commodore or his deputy.

Club members will be specifically advised of this code upon joining and the measures herein will be embodied in the Bylaws of the SGBA and the Bylaws will be updated to reflect any reviews or revisions of this code.

Drivers must assure themselves that their vehicle is not leaking any coolant, lubricant, oil or fuel before driving onto the foreshore

Drivers should spend minimal time possible on the foreshore and must assure themselves that they and their vehicle can be retrieved before the next high tide in case of breakdown.

Vehicles parking for longer than 30mins on the SGBA premises at Mill Point will park over a spills blanket (or equivalent).

Any spills will be reported to the Environment Agency immediately.

Vehicles that have visited and entered the foreshore from other marine waterbodies within the last 24hrs (48hrs if wet) must have sprayed down with freshwater and dried before entering Mill Hill (approach road to Stoke Gabriel Quay, car park and foreshore) to avoid biosecurity issues.

3 General measures applying to all vehicles

No vehicle shall park unattended on any part of the foreshore or on SGBA land

A route identified as "As high as possible on the foreshore and as close as practically possible to the rock face and passing close to parked craft" will be used by all vehicles to minimise environmental impact.

Pedestrians shall have absolute priority whilst on the foreshore and there will be a speed limit of 5mph (brisk walking pace)

SGBA will erect and maintain signage to articulate this code (subject to permission of landowners)

SGBA will provide and maintain 'marina style' trolleys for members' use to avoid / reduce vehicle movements

Last updated 07:40 on 15 May 2022

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