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Home / News / Rescuing the Wanderer during storm Francis
Home / News / Rescuing the Wanderer during storm Francis

Rescuing the Wanderer during storm Francis

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Published 09:37 on 28 Aug 2020

Unfortunately the Wanderer on the mooring adjacent to the club house capsized during storm Francis. The strong wind and waves pounded the boat's mast into the mud so that when a rescue mission was launched it took multiple attempts before the mast was extracted from the creek mud. The boat was pulled clear using a harness formed by joining together the painter and the main sheet which was secured to the mast through the centre-board case.

Fortunately the the rescue was overseen Cookie the dog, as it was "rrrrufff" in the creek (sorry).

The Wanderer survived with the mast intact albeit a little muddy. However repairs are need to the buoyancy tanks and it is likely she will remain out-of-action for the rest of the season unless someone fancies volunteering for some mid-season repairs.

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